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A Soldier’s Rights

As a soldier in the King’s Army you have certain rights that although aren’t necessary inalienable, are normally allowed except in the most dire, or when ordered to, situations. These rights are as follows:

1. A soldier is always allowed to complain, except in the presence of a superior officer, unless the situation deems it worthy.

2. Soldiers are expected and allowed superstitions, except when said superstitions would interfere with a direct order from a superior officer.

3. A soldier does not have to like his orders, he just has to follow them.

4. If a troop mate causes the rest of the troop to suffer, it is allowed but frowned upon to self discipline, or alienate, said troop mate.

5. A soldier may have a sense of self-preservation by not pissing his Captain off.

6. A soldier may kill himself in an honorable fashion by throwing himself at an enemy to avoid a pissed off Captain.

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